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Aral Mehrzweckfett

Performance Profile

DIN 51502 K2K-30 • MB-Approval 267.0

Smooth, lithium-saponified grease based on high-quality mineral oils with select


• Contains anti-wear, anti-ageing and anti-corrosion components

• All-purpose lubricant/lubricating grease for a wide range of applications,

including the car sector with automotive industry approval

Available pack sizes :
180 kg Fettdrum (Art.-Nr. 143F1D , EAN 4003116181003 )
50 kg Hobbock (Art.-Nr. 143F40 , EAN 4008177967306 )
18 kg Eimer (Art.-Nr. 1448B1 , EAN 4008177959806 )
0.4 kg Kartusche (Art.-Nr. 15B616 , EAN 4008177143281 )